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Get Skinny Eating Pizza- WHAT????


What if I told you, you could lose weight eating pizza? Would you believe me? Look, I am an Italian girl who loves her pizza and enjoys a splurge every now and then but this is a great twist on sauce and cheese!

I have two children, Anthony 13 and Gianna 11 who came in for a taste test…watch for the results. It’s a great snack, after school mini meal or add to your favorite dinner. Not to mention it’s super easy to make!

Mangia, Nicole

Fitness and Nutrition

I lost 4.6 lbs. in 3 Days

The holidays are great but the weight gain and over eating had to come to an end.  I found myself searching for the kids stocking candy like someone with an addiction looking to get their fix.

I felt gross.

So I decided to to try this 3 Day Refresh to see what all the chatter was about. I am not a “Cleanser” or a ” Detoxer” or a ‘Juicer” but I knew I could handle 3 days to help JUMP START my healthy eating habits again.

I decided to document daily in case it was a success………Well guess what happened? I assume you know since you are reading this far.

Watch my 3 day journey and reach out if you want the same results!

xo, Nicole