Stay Calm Moms! A strategy to keeping cool and making rational decisions with your kiddos!

Have you ever lost your sh*$ on your kids when they ask you to add another task to your already busy day and felt:

1. Annoyed they asked
2. Ashamed later on knowing it could have been handled better without “freaking out”
3. That you missed a learning moment for your family

Well if you said “NO”, Kuddos, you are a stand-out parent.

If you said “YES”, you are a normal and just like me. (insert shocked emoji)

I can’t even BEGIN to tell you how many times this has happened and I felt awful, embarrassed and like the worst parent EVAH!!!

But after knowing I wanted a better “WORK-LIFE” balance with less stress, I dove into personal development and STOPPED THE PATTERN.

NOW, I choose my words differently and I wanted to share this nugget with you. It’ not always perfect but it’s a work in progress.

In this video I share a strategy that gives you:

1. More time to make a rational decision
2. a teaching moment for you and your family
3. the ability to stay calm when you have 10 things on your plate and knowing one more thing will cause you to “LOSE IT”

Did this help? If you want a better “WORK-LIFE” balance, start geeking out on personal development.

Game-changer for sure!

Putting it all out there,