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Summer Sizzle

I have found myself arriving back from vacation saying these words:

“OMG….I feel gross”

“Did I need that Prickly Pink Lemonade almost daily on vacay?”

“Why did I keep on picking on Giannas quesadilla……until it was GONE!”

“Yes! I am on vacation, bring me another loaf of bread.”

I did pretty well, I exercised daily (I mean look at those water weights in the pic below!) But I know I need to clean up my eating before the next beach trip. I know I’m a lucky gal this summa!!

Do you get what I am saying? Can any of you relate to this insanity. As a trainer, many of you may be shocked but come on peeps, I am human too! I like to indulge just as much as the next mama!

A few weeks ago I launched an online business and was able to coach amazing women. We learned a lot about one another, it was very inspirational. All of these women didn’t just change their workouts, they changed themselves. We became a little family for 14 days.

Because it was super successful we all decided we needed a little more UMPH in the challenge, a little more of what we are all looking for in our life. A little thing we like to call our INNER BADASS!

We agreed on a book called YOU ARE A BADASS by Jen Sincero. If you would like to lose weight, feel great and find your inner BADASS, message me for more info. This one is gonna be a blast!

Or, click on the invite below:


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Are roadblocks stopping you?


Having to chose between changing career paths or building an online brand, I was at a crossroad. Was I willing to give up the very thing I loved? Working with others and helping them live a healthier life?

Living in Virginia with my family mainly being a “stay at home mom, part time business owner” I knew I needed more in my life and career. And this doesn’t mean a sugar daddy on the side, although as long as he was rich I doubt my husband would care. (Just kidding!)

But the problem is that I didn’t know if had had it in me to follow through because this is my biggest flaw. I start but rarely finish. Why? Afraid mostly, afraid of failing. I am so damn competitive I didn’t want to fail. What’s funny is that I always tell my kids failure is great, it’s how you learn. You must fail in order to grow! But I guess the rule didn’t apply to me. (Just kidding)

I tried program development, no luck, I looked into brick and mortar, huge gamble. I attempted the online business by myself and failed.

It wasn’t until after my mom’s passing that I realized it was now or never. I had to make a change. She said I missed my calling, I should have been in TV. hahah (she was biased)

Life is too short to take it for granted. Life is too short for excuses and no follow through! If you have a fire in your belly, you must go after it. Soon after her passing I signed up for the IDEA Conference with the hopes I would hear a lecture that would ignite the fire again. And sure enough, there was and I hired a coach. And here I am a few months into the program, following through.

Can you relate to any of this? Do you have a dream but seem to have a roadblock that stops you? (Mine was follow-through) Once you acknowledge the roadblock you can attack it and get it pushed aside. Write your daily goals down, what needs to be accomplished. So many of you have goals of weight loss. What is it that is stopping you?

Here are a few assignments/questions I give my clients on their 7 Day Challenge :

What are my 3 goals today : (doesn’t have to be fitness related)




Exercise Plan:______________________

Water Intake:_______________________

What will I do for myself today?

What are my roadblocks and how will I stay on track?

Night Reflection:
Look back at my goals, did I achieve them? If so, thats great! If not, why? What is in my way and what can I do to achieve them?
Try it out for a week and watch yourself reach your goals!!
Have a great week,

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Are you stuck?

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So you are in your daily exercise regimen, feeling great and then all of a sudden you get stuck. Do you think, “where do I go from here” ? I often here this from many clients. Does this sound like you? Do you get bored, hit a plateau or just don’t know what’s the next step? Here are 3 new steps to keep you going.
1. Set a new goal or what I like to call “Create a new Habit”
If your first goal was to exercise 3 times a week maybe add a 4th day. Or if your water intake isn’t so hot, set a goal in ounces to achieve each day. How about your Fit bit? Add more steps. When I hear this from a client I usually ask them what they achieved so far, then we push it a little further. For example, a recent client has been out of the exercise world for a while and her first goal was to just START. Now we are adding a goal of water in ounces each day, increased her Fit bit steps and changed some nutrition. I encourage you to set a new goal and create a new habit.
2. Plateau? Let’s talk nutrition
So you aren’t losing anymore weight and you are stuck. You have hit the PLATEAU. A word we all hate and use so much because we don’t know what to do. If this is you, let’s set a new goal with your nutrition habits. If it’s breakfast I suggest a shake because it’s easy, tasty and realistic for the mom on the go. One step further? Add some wheatgrass, Flaxseed and some fruit. If it’s lunch, add some whole foods. I highly recommend lentils and veggies. They are filling and super good for your body. Snack on nuts, seeds and veggies. Stay away from the crackers.
3. Bored?
So you are doing the same workout day in and day out. It seems like Groundhog Day. It happens all too often, which is why we see all the infomercials for the latest and greatest new exercise fads. They are great but here are a few ideas I recommend.
1. Grab a buddy. There’s nothing better when you don’t feel like going for your jog and you get a text from your running partner and she says “Let’s Go, Its beautiful out!” Yes, it happens to me too!
2. Hire a trainer. Hire a trainer for one session or maybe once a week to keep you accountable until you get in the groove again.
3. Join an online challenge. A great way to stay motivated and meet new people. People like you, who have fitness goals.
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Have an awesome day,
Nicole Naples