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“Coffee Talk With G”……. She said She Loves my Nachos? I don’t even cook Nachos!

This is my daughter Nicole, she is subtle as a train-wreck”.

That’s how my mother used to introduce me to people.  Because you never knew what was going to come flying out of my mouth.  It’s me. Don’t try and put me in a box. My dad will kick your ass if you try.  My dear husband sometimes cringes around his family because you never know what’s coming out of my mouth.

It’s not to hurt anyone, I am just real. And 99.9% of the people I am around tell me that’s the one thing they love about me. So, I am not changing my love, sorry.

Plant potatoes- get potatoes. Enter Gianna. She is a mini-me in every sense of the word. We struggle lots but when we are just “US” we crack each other up.  I decided I wanted to ask her a few questions about food, nutrition and do a “lively” as she puts it.

I love how REAL she is. Gianna just answers from her heart. Nothing fake or rehearsed. We have fun and laugh. Not to mention I found out that she likes my Nachos and I don’t even make Nacho’s. WTH?


When it comes to your kids, let them be them. Don’t try and change them. I have to admit that I used to want somethings a bit different. But it’s their journey, I had mine.

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How a fight with my son turned into a life lesson everyone needs!

Hey You!  If you have a white picket fence and don’t mess up with your kids, just click delete! Buh Bye!  But I have to say this one ended up a win. I have been coaching women now for a while but I just started implementing these tips into my families life. Mom Fail! It’s ok, I am a little slow to the show!

Just 2 days ago I was inspired to create a Facebook group that helps people be accountable to get SH*T done. It will be devoted solely to chipping away at your “to do” lists so you can attack your bigger goals!

Crawl, walk, run. That’s how we started. Most of us, anyway. Some may be overachievers early on. Anyway, you can’t get to the big goals until you master and check off the small ones.

I am not a big writer, I feel I am a better story teller. Take a few minutes out of your day and watch because it can be life changing, It was for me.

Here is the link to Join the Free Facebook Group Make Your Move- Set 3 Daily Intentions.


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xo, Nicole



Stay Calm Moms! A strategy to keeping cool and making rational decisions with your kiddos!

Have you ever lost your sh*$ on your kids when they ask you to add another task to your already busy day and felt:

1. Annoyed they asked
2. Ashamed later on knowing it could have been handled better without “freaking out”
3. That you missed a learning moment for your family

Well if you said “NO”, Kuddos, you are a stand-out parent.

If you said “YES”, you are a normal and just like me. (insert shocked emoji)

I can’t even BEGIN to tell you how many times this has happened and I felt awful, embarrassed and like the worst parent EVAH!!!

But after knowing I wanted a better “WORK-LIFE” balance with less stress, I dove into personal development and STOPPED THE PATTERN.

NOW, I choose my words differently and I wanted to share this nugget with you. It’ not always perfect but it’s a work in progress.

In this video I share a strategy that gives you:

1. More time to make a rational decision
2. a teaching moment for you and your family
3. the ability to stay calm when you have 10 things on your plate and knowing one more thing will cause you to “LOSE IT”

Did this help? If you want a better “WORK-LIFE” balance, start geeking out on personal development.

Game-changer for sure!

Putting it all out there,



The best work you can do is on yourself!

time for mom


Have you ever felt like you have given your family everything you have emotionally and physically and they don’t appreciate you? I have. I have created so many arguments over that feeling of “unappreciated”. I would say things like:

“You don’t appreciate me”
“I have taken care of the kids all day and you get to leave and go to work”
“It’s your turn”
“You don’t care about me”

But what was I really saying? I was saying I don’t care about me. I didn’t take the time for myself. I never said, “I want to go out with my friends and you stay home”.  I felt I made a commitment to my husband and our children when they were born. I made the commitment that I would take care of them, put myself last and make their needs come first. All I did was let myself get lost in diapers, moms clubs, story time, meal planning and naps. It all took over and I became that mom. That mom who wore the target clothes so her kids could wear Vineyard Vines. I became the mom who wore the free t-shirts from their basketball tournemmants. (you all know those shirts!) I was the mom who gave the last bite of my chocolate cake to them.  The bite that I really wanted.  They were first and I was last.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my family. We are loud, crazy and inappropriate sometimes but they are mine and I love what we have created. But, looking back, I would change one thing. I would give more time to myself. Allow myself to get a pedicure more often. Or escape to Bonefish for a cocktail with my friends. I would have hired a babysitter more often to hang out with my best friend, my hubby.

Do you do these things? Do you make time for yourself? If not , why? I was afraid no one was capable of taking care of my monsters the way I would. I didn’t want bad influences around them. (little do they know I’m not the greatest influence!). We have to learn to let go of some of the control and let life takes it course.  Yes, I said it, I like to be in control. Who doesn’t. But letting go of it is very empowering. Little by little, you let go and you see that everything is still ok and now you have some free time for yourself to be a better mom, daughter, wife and friend.

I encourage you to try to make time for yourself. Even if it’s 5 minutes a day. Go to a quiet place, read your favorite book, do some yoga, listen to a podcast or whatever makes you happy. I enjoy jogs with my music and reading personal development books. What is it that you do for yourself? Comment below.

Have a great week,

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4 Tips To End Sugar Cravings

1. Avoid Processed Foods. Here’s the skinny on this one: Food manufacturers spend massive amounts of money on resources on making their foods as “rewarding” as possible to the brain, which leads to over consumption. You know the saying, “You can’t eat just one?” This is true when eating processed foods. It seems as though most of you responded to my blog with sugar cravings as a problem in the evenings. It would be beneficial to you to not eat processed foods after 3pm.
2. Increase your Serotonin. What! Is! That! Serotonin is a neurotransmitter in the body which is thought to be a contributor to feelings of well-being and happiness. How does this relate to my sugar cravings, you ask? Studies have shown when levels of serotonin are elevated, you are less likely to have cravings for sweets. Serotonin can be elevated through exercise, diet and the right sleep schedule.
3. Drink plenty of water. Sometimes we mistake hunger for thirst. So you possibly may be dehydrated! Here’s a great tip for increasing your water AND have your sugar fix: 1. fill a glass with water 2. Squeeze 1/2 fresh lemon in water 3. add a little bit of Stevia. BAM! A refreshing healthy lemonade.
4. Make your plate mainly GREEN! Oh how my kids mock me when they fill their dinner plate. Eating greens helps boost energy and reduce your sugar cravings. What would be better than a huge green salad with a lemon vinaigrette and a large glass of refreshing fresh squeezed lemonade.
Bonus! Adding some protein to your meals also helps curb those cravings. Add some lentils or quinoa to your salad! YUM!
Please leave a comment, go ahead, leave one, let me know if this was helpful!!
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Are you stuck?

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So you are in your daily exercise regimen, feeling great and then all of a sudden you get stuck. Do you think, “where do I go from here” ? I often here this from many clients. Does this sound like you? Do you get bored, hit a plateau or just don’t know what’s the next step? Here are 3 new steps to keep you going.
1. Set a new goal or what I like to call “Create a new Habit”
If your first goal was to exercise 3 times a week maybe add a 4th day. Or if your water intake isn’t so hot, set a goal in ounces to achieve each day. How about your Fit bit? Add more steps. When I hear this from a client I usually ask them what they achieved so far, then we push it a little further. For example, a recent client has been out of the exercise world for a while and her first goal was to just START. Now we are adding a goal of water in ounces each day, increased her Fit bit steps and changed some nutrition. I encourage you to set a new goal and create a new habit.
2. Plateau? Let’s talk nutrition
So you aren’t losing anymore weight and you are stuck. You have hit the PLATEAU. A word we all hate and use so much because we don’t know what to do. If this is you, let’s set a new goal with your nutrition habits. If it’s breakfast I suggest a shake because it’s easy, tasty and realistic for the mom on the go. One step further? Add some wheatgrass, Flaxseed and some fruit. If it’s lunch, add some whole foods. I highly recommend lentils and veggies. They are filling and super good for your body. Snack on nuts, seeds and veggies. Stay away from the crackers.
3. Bored?
So you are doing the same workout day in and day out. It seems like Groundhog Day. It happens all too often, which is why we see all the infomercials for the latest and greatest new exercise fads. They are great but here are a few ideas I recommend.
1. Grab a buddy. There’s nothing better when you don’t feel like going for your jog and you get a text from your running partner and she says “Let’s Go, Its beautiful out!” Yes, it happens to me too!
2. Hire a trainer. Hire a trainer for one session or maybe once a week to keep you accountable until you get in the groove again.
3. Join an online challenge. A great way to stay motivated and meet new people. People like you, who have fitness goals.
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Nicole Naples