Social Media is a self-confidence suck! We like Bloopers, how about you?

Sweaty selfies, no.

Pictures of weights and sets, no.

Reps, lbs, calories burned, nope.

But let me tell you what this is. This is my passion, my life, right here. The 2 things that mean the most to me. My family and my work. But wait for it…..my work becomes my family!

These 2 girls in the pic below were not even a thought when I started training with the youngest ones grandmother. (Miss Joyce would rather be called Nini, I got your back!)😘

It was 11 years ago Miss Joyce approached me and asked for some training. “Only 3 sessions” she said. There was sale at the gym I was working at and we agreed to work together!

Fast forward 11 years and I think of them as family. I’ll never forget when Gianna was born and I had pneumonia, Paul had to travel and Miss Joyce called me frequently to make sure I was ok.

Weddings, celebrations. And even some support along the way! I am one lucky lady!

I get to work in an environment where I can help change people’s lives but also be apart of theirs. It’s a great gig! 💪🏻

The pic below is of Gianna and Laylia. I love my work! ❤️

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Summer Sizzle

I have found myself arriving back from vacation saying these words:

“OMG….I feel gross”

“Did I need that Prickly Pink Lemonade almost daily on vacay?”

“Why did I keep on picking on Giannas quesadilla……until it was GONE!”

“Yes! I am on vacation, bring me another loaf of bread.”

I did pretty well, I exercised daily (I mean look at those water weights in the pic below!) But I know I need to clean up my eating before the next beach trip. I know I’m a lucky gal this summa!!

Do you get what I am saying? Can any of you relate to this insanity. As a trainer, many of you may be shocked but come on peeps, I am human too! I like to indulge just as much as the next mama!

A few weeks ago I launched an online business and was able to coach amazing women. We learned a lot about one another, it was very inspirational. All of these women didn’t just change their workouts, they changed themselves. We became a little family for 14 days.

Because it was super successful we all decided we needed a little more UMPH in the challenge, a little more of what we are all looking for in our life. A little thing we like to call our INNER BADASS!

We agreed on a book called YOU ARE A BADASS by Jen Sincero. If you would like to lose weight, feel great and find your inner BADASS, message me for more info. This one is gonna be a blast!

Or, click on the invite below:


Summer Sizzle-2




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Are roadblocks stopping you?


Having to chose between changing career paths or building an online brand, I was at a crossroad. Was I willing to give up the very thing I loved? Working with others and helping them live a healthier life?

Living in Virginia with my family mainly being a “stay at home mom, part time business owner” I knew I needed more in my life and career. And this doesn’t mean a sugar daddy on the side, although as long as he was rich I doubt my husband would care. (Just kidding!)

But the problem is that I didn’t know if had had it in me to follow through because this is my biggest flaw. I start but rarely finish. Why? Afraid mostly, afraid of failing. I am so damn competitive I didn’t want to fail. What’s funny is that I always tell my kids failure is great, it’s how you learn. You must fail in order to grow! But I guess the rule didn’t apply to me. (Just kidding)

I tried program development, no luck, I looked into brick and mortar, huge gamble. I attempted the online business by myself and failed.

It wasn’t until after my mom’s passing that I realized it was now or never. I had to make a change. She said I missed my calling, I should have been in TV. hahah (she was biased)

Life is too short to take it for granted. Life is too short for excuses and no follow through! If you have a fire in your belly, you must go after it. Soon after her passing I signed up for the IDEA Conference with the hopes I would hear a lecture that would ignite the fire again. And sure enough, there was and I hired a coach. And here I am a few months into the program, following through.

Can you relate to any of this? Do you have a dream but seem to have a roadblock that stops you? (Mine was follow-through) Once you acknowledge the roadblock you can attack it and get it pushed aside. Write your daily goals down, what needs to be accomplished. So many of you have goals of weight loss. What is it that is stopping you?

Here are a few assignments/questions I give my clients on their 7 Day Challenge :

What are my 3 goals today : (doesn’t have to be fitness related)




Exercise Plan:______________________

Water Intake:_______________________

What will I do for myself today?

What are my roadblocks and how will I stay on track?

Night Reflection:
Look back at my goals, did I achieve them? If so, thats great! If not, why? What is in my way and what can I do to achieve them?
Try it out for a week and watch yourself reach your goals!!
Have a great week,

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The best work you can do is on yourself!

time for mom


Have you ever felt like you have given your family everything you have emotionally and physically and they don’t appreciate you? I have. I have created so many arguments over that feeling of “unappreciated”. I would say things like:

“You don’t appreciate me”
“I have taken care of the kids all day and you get to leave and go to work”
“It’s your turn”
“You don’t care about me”

But what was I really saying? I was saying I don’t care about me. I didn’t take the time for myself. I never said, “I want to go out with my friends and you stay home”.  I felt I made a commitment to my husband and our children when they were born. I made the commitment that I would take care of them, put myself last and make their needs come first. All I did was let myself get lost in diapers, moms clubs, story time, meal planning and naps. It all took over and I became that mom. That mom who wore the target clothes so her kids could wear Vineyard Vines. I became the mom who wore the free t-shirts from their basketball tournemmants. (you all know those shirts!) I was the mom who gave the last bite of my chocolate cake to them.  The bite that I really wanted.  They were first and I was last.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my family. We are loud, crazy and inappropriate sometimes but they are mine and I love what we have created. But, looking back, I would change one thing. I would give more time to myself. Allow myself to get a pedicure more often. Or escape to Bonefish for a cocktail with my friends. I would have hired a babysitter more often to hang out with my best friend, my hubby.

Do you do these things? Do you make time for yourself? If not , why? I was afraid no one was capable of taking care of my monsters the way I would. I didn’t want bad influences around them. (little do they know I’m not the greatest influence!). We have to learn to let go of some of the control and let life takes it course.  Yes, I said it, I like to be in control. Who doesn’t. But letting go of it is very empowering. Little by little, you let go and you see that everything is still ok and now you have some free time for yourself to be a better mom, daughter, wife and friend.

I encourage you to try to make time for yourself. Even if it’s 5 minutes a day. Go to a quiet place, read your favorite book, do some yoga, listen to a podcast or whatever makes you happy. I enjoy jogs with my music and reading personal development books. What is it that you do for yourself? Comment below.

Have a great week,

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The Best Years of My Life


This year will be the year I get into the best shape of my life. Have you said this before? I sure have. For almost 13 years I have been saying this. (my oldest child will be 13 soon, what does that tell you!) I create a detailed meal plan and an exercise regimen that will get me into body building shape. Then it happens, I fall behind or off track, life gets in the way and excuses roll in.
⦁ I got sick
⦁ The kids got strep
⦁ I have to travel for family events
⦁ I’m exhausted
⦁ Work is too demanding
⦁ My spouse is away and I needed quick meals
⦁ I am a single parent
Have you said any of these at any time? It’s ok to say yes because I have. I have found that this is the easy way out. And we tell our friends and they agree with us (friends out there…please stop agreeing with us and give us tough love!) so we find it ok that we have failed ourselves. What we haven’t yet figured out is that the tight, fit, lean body will not give us the happiness we are looking for. That will not solve our daily stresses. It will not stop the heavy loads we carry each day on our back to survive.
Over the past few years I have done some major soul searching and yes I have and still go to therapy when needed. I needed help learning to cope with some life events. Family, in-laws, siblings, friends, kids etc.. You get it, we have all been there. Life throws you curve-balls and you can swing and miss or decide to hit a grand slam. I am not yet at a grand slam but I’d like to think I’m at about 3rd base right now. There is always work to do!
What’s my point, you ask? My point is that in order for us to reach any goal we have to first be happy within ourselves. Its a mindset. We have to learn to make lemonade out of lemons and believe that there will be a rainbow after the storm. If we stay within our own misery we will never achieve anything! Misery loves company and they will try to suck you in but you have to separate yourself and go for bigger things!
With that said, THIS YEAR AND EVERY YEAR AFTER WILL BE THE BEST YEARS OF MY LIFE! And I hope yours too! I will keep my mind in a positive frame (even when the box of cereal falls over and they have 5 min to make the bus). I am not perfect nor will I strive to be because that is way to stressful.
What is your plan to make this the best year of your life? I hope it’s not counting calories but rather some personal development! Read an inspirational book, keep positive people beside you, make time for your kids and significant other. Exercise and eat well. Would you join a group with like minds to help keep you on track? If so, comment! For now, follow the action step below!
Action Step: Send 3 message (text, personal conversations, etc.) and compliment others. Or let them know you appreciate them. It can even be your kids. See what you get in return. And I don’t mean physical gifts. You will receive a happy heart and good soul!

Enjoy the beautiful day,


Exercise, Fitness? I mean… when do I have the time?


 Living a life with with pre-teens is quite a task. We have only 2 monsters and they are wearing us down with their schedule. What’s the alternative? Kids roaming the grocery aisles with their friends, getting into trouble because they are BORED or even starting to experiment with drugs. Crazy that we are at that stage in our life. We said we would never become THOSE parents, THAT family who is booked to the gills on the weekends but HA! look at us now, we are knee deep in it. Its ok. We are doing what we think is best for our family. And many of you who are friends with us are in the same situation. We RUN from field to court and court to field. We carpool, we get schedules mixed up and we even forget what activity they need to be at! It takes a village, oh yes it does! So, I ask you how the hell do we fit in time for ourselves. After the homework, dinner, clean up, studying, reading, cleaning the house, laundry, dog walks, ortho check-ups (cause tis the season for that too). I mean, seriously, when we put our families needs before us,when the hell do we find a minute, a second to breathe. It’s hard, exhausting, tiring and sometimes you just want to hide in the magazine aisle in the grocery store and sit on the floor and read a People magazine to catch up on celebrity life because I don’t remember the last time I watched EXTRA! EXTRA! Who is the host nowadays anyway! I have lost a part of myself so that I can raise children who will someday contribute to society. Oh! That sounds really sweet until your are screaming at your daughter because she just ransacked your closet to rummage through all the Easter gifts! Now she just added a few more hours to my limited schedule to buy her and her brother all new gifts for Easter so I can keep the lie alive! OH my god, who have we become! Now that we have established we have no lives and we have sold our souls to our kiddos I am going to explain how I fit fitness into my life. I hope you can laugh a little at my life and look at yours and say , Hell Yeah I can do that, I can fit time in for me. That’s my goal for you!

1. Schedule it. You schedule doctors appts., teacher meetings, grocery shopping, kids allergy shots, the list goes on. I am dead serious when I say you have to schedule it. Start with a calendar or day-timer and put yourself in. Studies have shown you are more likely to complete it if you write it down which results in reaching your goals!

2. Make it realistic. If you only have 10 min. then don’t set yourself up for failure and put 45. I would rather see my clients do 10 minutes of perfect form than 45 min of a crappy workout.

3. Be efficient. It your child has practice at a field, keep a pair of sneakers in the car and get out. If you have to use that time review emails (heard this excuse before), set a goal of a 15-20 min walk and then go back to your emails! It will carry more oxygen to your brain and you will be more productive.

4. Grocery Shopping- This is to save you time during the week. Make your grocery list during the week. On Saturday or Sunday get up and get to the store bright and early! No one is there, its super peaceful and quiet! (Don’t let the secret out!) I have been doing this for about 2 months now and I am loving it! Its MY TIME! I go about 7 or 7:30 on Sunday morning, bring my cup of tea and enjoy the time by myself. I even have a few minutes to look at the magazines!! You may think I am crazy but this adds so much extra time to my week for exercise AND I save money because I have planned all meals!

5. You Tube Videos- There are plenty of workout videos that you can view on YouTube. Look for some total body 10-15 minute workouts and JUST DO IT! Mine will be on You Tube shortly so stay tuned!

I hope you found this helpful or a bit entertaining. If so, please leave a comment! Please make time for yourself because nobody else will! We have one life to live, make it great and make it count! And squeeze your monsters if you have some. Yes they drive us crazy but I wouldn’t want it any other way!

Sweat Today,


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4 Tips To End Sugar Cravings


1. Avoid Processed Foods. Here’s the skinny on this one: Food manufacturers spend massive amounts of money on resources on making their foods as “rewarding” as possible to the brain, which leads to over consumption. You know the saying, “You can’t eat just one?” This is true when eating processed foods. It seems as though most of you responded to my blog with sugar cravings as a problem in the evenings. It would be beneficial to you to not eat processed foods after 3pm.

2. Increase your Serotonin. What! Is! That! Serotonin is a neurotransmitter in the body which is thought to be a contributor to feelings of well-being and happiness. How does this relate to my sugar cravings, you ask? Studies have shown when levels of serotonin are elevated, you are less likely to have cravings for sweets. Serotonin can be elevated through exercise, diet and the right sleep schedule.

3. Drink plenty of water. Sometimes we mistake hunger for thirst. So you possibly may be dehydrated! Here’s a great tip for increasing your water AND have your sugar fix: 1. fill a glass with water 2. Squeeze 1/2 fresh lemon in water 3. add a little bit of Stevia. BAM! A refreshing healthy lemonade.

4. Make your plate mainly GREEN! Oh how my kids mock me when they fill their dinner plate. Eating greens helps boost energy and reduce your sugar cravings. What would be better than a huge green salad with a lemon vinaigrette and a large glass of refreshing fresh squeezed lemonade.

Bonus! Adding some protein to your meals also helps curb those cravings. Add some lentils or quinoa to your salad! YUM!

Please leave a comment, go ahead, leave one, let me know if this was helpful!!

Enjoy your week,