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Foodies On Friday- Farro Salad- YUM-O!

Farro is a grain grown in Italy and has a nutty flavor. Farro can be served hot or cold. This is a great tasty salad you can add to any dinner. Great as a summer side dish for a BBQ too!

1 cup Cooked Farro- Cooled
1 palmful of red onion chopped
1/2 cup craisins
1/2 cup Feta
1/3 cup chopped nuts (I prefer Pine Nuts or Walnuts)
1 cup chopped greens (any greens you have will work)
Mix All Ingredients and Mix Dressing

1/3 cup Good Olive Oil
Juice from one whole lemon
2 tsp Grade B Maple Syrup
2 Cloves pressed Garlic
Dash of pepper, salt, oregano
Whisk and add to Farro mix

Let sit for a few hours.


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My Top 10 Grocery Items and Why



I throw them in my shake every morning. It’s a must.

Here is my recipe:

1 scoop of chocolate Shakeology

10-12 ounces of water

Half handful of frozen strawberries

1/4 banana

2.  Pre-cooked Lentils

This is my “go to” that I can  throw on my salad for extra protein or the lentil-quinoa salad that is my vice.  (I use the 21 day fix containers, so excuse the measurements)

1 yellow of Lentils

1 yellow of quinoa

Palmful of red onion

1/2 green of tomatoes and cukes

1 tsp of sesame seed oil

1/2 squeezed lemon

Dried chickpeas for crunch

Sprinkle Feta

3. Eggs

I always keep them in the house for extra protein. Since I removed red meat and chicken I have trouble fitting in the needed amount of protein in my diet. I usually hard boil some for the week. I will eat them plain or I will toss them in a little of Veganaise with red onion and celery! I also use them for egg whites in the am when I am in the mood.

4.  Amy’s Margarita Pizza

This is a WIN! I usually keep these in my freezer for those busy and hectic days when I can’t seem to get dinner moving. I make a side salad, cook 2 of these and BAM!  A pretty decent dinner without the mom guilt.

5. Black Beans

I usually have at least 2-3 cans hanging around in the pantry.  I add them to a salad for some extra fiber or I make Black Bean Soup which is always a hit….I think because I add chips and sour cream with it. Wink Wink.

6.  Mozzarella

I just can’t live without a caprese salad. A nice beefsteak tomato with a slice of “moo-tza-rell”. I have no words, just Mmmmmm.

7. SkinnyPop (the BIG BAG)

I know that 3 cups is one yellow container when talking about the 21 day fix program. Unfortunately, there have been times when I haven eaten the entire bag in one sitting. Most times, this bag lasts me about 5-6 days. But when I am on a roll…..watch out!

8.  Avocados

Guacamole, sliced on a salad, mixed with my caprese salad, added to the Black Bean soup or just plain. This fruit makes me happy!

9. Strawberries and Pineapple

A longtime friend once served strawberries for dinner and I thought, “that’s genius”. We always just assume that fruit is a breakfast, lunch or snack item. But once I started putting fruit on the table for dinner, I realized that my monsters eat fruit AND veggies. Kill 2 birds with 1 stone. Strawberries and pineapple are usually a hit.

10.  Amy’s California Burger

I love her line of food. I really haven’t found anything she makes that I despise. This burger here is a fav. I add homemade quac, a side salad and I am  in Lunch Heaven!

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4 Tips To End Sugar Cravings

1. Avoid Processed Foods. Here’s the skinny on this one: Food manufacturers spend massive amounts of money on resources on making their foods as “rewarding” as possible to the brain, which leads to over consumption. You know the saying, “You can’t eat just one?” This is true when eating processed foods. It seems as though most of you responded to my blog with sugar cravings as a problem in the evenings. It would be beneficial to you to not eat processed foods after 3pm.
2. Increase your Serotonin. What! Is! That! Serotonin is a neurotransmitter in the body which is thought to be a contributor to feelings of well-being and happiness. How does this relate to my sugar cravings, you ask? Studies have shown when levels of serotonin are elevated, you are less likely to have cravings for sweets. Serotonin can be elevated through exercise, diet and the right sleep schedule.
3. Drink plenty of water. Sometimes we mistake hunger for thirst. So you possibly may be dehydrated! Here’s a great tip for increasing your water AND have your sugar fix: 1. fill a glass with water 2. Squeeze 1/2 fresh lemon in water 3. add a little bit of Stevia. BAM! A refreshing healthy lemonade.
4. Make your plate mainly GREEN! Oh how my kids mock me when they fill their dinner plate. Eating greens helps boost energy and reduce your sugar cravings. What would be better than a huge green salad with a lemon vinaigrette and a large glass of refreshing fresh squeezed lemonade.
Bonus! Adding some protein to your meals also helps curb those cravings. Add some lentils or quinoa to your salad! YUM!
Please leave a comment, go ahead, leave one, let me know if this was helpful!!
Enjoy your week,