About Nicole

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Nicole Naples

Founder and Owner of Nicole Naples LLC

BS Kinesiology


Nicole received her Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology from Penn State University. While attending Penn State, Nicole assisted the strength and conditioning coaches as well as trained many of the athletes. Following her internship with CRUNCH Fitness in New York City, Nicole trained, competed and placed in the Miss Fitness America Pageant.

Nicole trains, motivates and inspires individuals to achieve their fitness goals by teaching her clients the importance of exercise and a healthy diet.  She has a private studio where each client is given personal attention as well as a customized plan to reach their goal.

Nicole has been a certified trainer for over 20 years. Beginning 2005, Nicole began training out of her private studio.  Nicole has a broad clientele which includes children, high school athletes, and adults of all skill levels.  To read more about Nicole’s passion for fitness, take a moment to read the testimonials located on the tab above.

2 thoughts on “About Nicole”

  1. So nicole…im looking for some easy recipes that can be put together rather quickly. I don’t know if you knew this about me but I HATE to cook but would like to introduce more healthy foods to my family. My husband may not take to them but I can make them for the kids and I. Any recipe or website suggestions for that?? I did read some of your recipes and I lose interest after 5 ingredients..lol! Thanks! Sue F.

    1. HA HA! OK i have a file let me look them over and see what I can send to you! we can always modify as well. Ill see what I can come up with! Thanks, Nicole

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