Social Media is a self-confidence suck! We like Bloopers, how about you?

Sweaty selfies, no.

Pictures of weights and sets, no.

Reps, lbs, calories burned, nope.

But let me tell you what this is. This is my passion, my life, right here. The 2 things that mean the most to me. My family and my work. But wait for it…..my work becomes my family!

These 2 girls in the pic below were not even a thought when I started training with the youngest ones grandmother. (Miss Joyce would rather be called Nini, I got your back!)😘

It was 11 years ago Miss Joyce approached me and asked for some training. “Only 3 sessions” she said. There was sale at the gym I was working at and we agreed to work together!

Fast forward 11 years and I think of them as family. I’ll never forget when Gianna was born and I had pneumonia, Paul had to travel and Miss Joyce called me frequently to make sure I was ok.

Weddings, celebrations. And even some support along the way! I am one lucky lady!

I get to work in an environment where I can help change people’s lives but also be apart of theirs. It’s a great gig! πŸ’ͺ🏻

The pic below is of Gianna and Laylia. I love my work! ❀️


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