The best work you can do is on yourself!

time for mom


Have you ever felt like you have given your family everything you have emotionally and physically and they don’t appreciate you? I have. I have created so many arguments over that feeling of “unappreciated”. I would say things like:

“You don’t appreciate me”
“I have taken care of the kids all day and you get to leave and go to work”
“It’s your turn”
“You don’t care about me”

But what was I really saying? I was saying I don’t care about me. I didn’t take the time for myself. I never said, “I want to go out with my friends and you stay home”.  I felt I made a commitment to my husband and our children when they were born. I made the commitment that I would take care of them, put myself last and make their needs come first. All I did was let myself get lost in diapers, moms clubs, story time, meal planning and naps. It all took over and I became that mom. That mom who wore the target clothes so her kids could wear Vineyard Vines. I became the mom who wore the free t-shirts from their basketball tournemmants. (you all know those shirts!) I was the mom who gave the last bite of my chocolate cake to them.  The bite that I really wanted.  They were first and I was last.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my family. We are loud, crazy and inappropriate sometimes but they are mine and I love what we have created. But, looking back, I would change one thing. I would give more time to myself. Allow myself to get a pedicure more often. Or escape to Bonefish for a cocktail with my friends. I would have hired a babysitter more often to hang out with my best friend, my hubby.

Do you do these things? Do you make time for yourself? If not , why? I was afraid no one was capable of taking care of my monsters the way I would. I didn’t want bad influences around them. (little do they know I’m not the greatest influence!). We have to learn to let go of some of the control and let life takes it course.  Yes, I said it, I like to be in control. Who doesn’t. But letting go of it is very empowering. Little by little, you let go and you see that everything is still ok and now you have some free time for yourself to be a better mom, daughter, wife and friend.

I encourage you to try to make time for yourself. Even if it’s 5 minutes a day. Go to a quiet place, read your favorite book, do some yoga, listen to a podcast or whatever makes you happy. I enjoy jogs with my music and reading personal development books. What is it that you do for yourself? Comment below.

Have a great week,

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