Exercise, Fitness? I mean… when do I have the time?


 Living a life with with pre-teens is quite a task. We have only 2 monsters and they are wearing us down with their schedule. What’s the alternative? Kids roaming the grocery aisles with their friends, getting into trouble because they are BORED or even starting to experiment with drugs. Crazy that we are at that stage in our life. We said we would never become THOSE parents, THAT family who is booked to the gills on the weekends but HA! look at us now, we are knee deep in it. Its ok. We are doing what we think is best for our family. And many of you who are friends with us are in the same situation. We RUN from field to court and court to field. We carpool, we get schedules mixed up and we even forget what activity they need to be at! It takes a village, oh yes it does! So, I ask you how the hell do we fit in time for ourselves. After the homework, dinner, clean up, studying, reading, cleaning the house, laundry, dog walks, ortho check-ups (cause tis the season for that too). I mean, seriously, when we put our families needs before us,when the hell do we find a minute, a second to breathe. It’s hard, exhausting, tiring and sometimes you just want to hide in the magazine aisle in the grocery store and sit on the floor and read a People magazine to catch up on celebrity life because I don’t remember the last time I watched EXTRA! EXTRA! Who is the host nowadays anyway! I have lost a part of myself so that I can raise children who will someday contribute to society. Oh! That sounds really sweet until your are screaming at your daughter because she just ransacked your closet to rummage through all the Easter gifts! Now she just added a few more hours to my limited schedule to buy her and her brother all new gifts for Easter so I can keep the lie alive! OH my god, who have we become! Now that we have established we have no lives and we have sold our souls to our kiddos I am going to explain how I fit fitness into my life. I hope you can laugh a little at my life and look at yours and say , Hell Yeah I can do that, I can fit time in for me. That’s my goal for you!

1. Schedule it. You schedule doctors appts., teacher meetings, grocery shopping, kids allergy shots, the list goes on. I am dead serious when I say you have to schedule it. Start with a calendar or day-timer and put yourself in. Studies have shown you are more likely to complete it if you write it down which results in reaching your goals!

2. Make it realistic. If you only have 10 min. then don’t set yourself up for failure and put 45. I would rather see my clients do 10 minutes of perfect form than 45 min of a crappy workout.

3. Be efficient. It your child has practice at a field, keep a pair of sneakers in the car and get out. If you have to use that time review emails (heard this excuse before), set a goal of a 15-20 min walk and then go back to your emails! It will carry more oxygen to your brain and you will be more productive.

4. Grocery Shopping- This is to save you time during the week. Make your grocery list during the week. On Saturday or Sunday get up and get to the store bright and early! No one is there, its super peaceful and quiet! (Don’t let the secret out!) I have been doing this for about 2 months now and I am loving it! Its MY TIME! I go about 7 or 7:30 on Sunday morning, bring my cup of tea and enjoy the time by myself. I even have a few minutes to look at the magazines!! You may think I am crazy but this adds so much extra time to my week for exercise AND I save money because I have planned all meals!

5. You Tube Videos- There are plenty of workout videos that you can view on YouTube. Look for some total body 10-15 minute workouts and JUST DO IT! Mine will be on You Tube shortly so stay tuned!

I hope you found this helpful or a bit entertaining. If so, please leave a comment! Please make time for yourself because nobody else will! We have one life to live, make it great and make it count! And squeeze your monsters if you have some. Yes they drive us crazy but I wouldn’t want it any other way!

Sweat Today,


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